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Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from plants which are not
genetically modified.
Cotton is thought to be a very natural fabric however
conventional cotton-growing is one of the most
chemically intensive farming operations in the world.
Since cotton is the one of the most widely traded
commodity (nearly half of all textile products produced),
conventional cotton-growing leads to massive
environmental and health problems.
Environmental research has shown that the extensive
and intensive use of synthetic fertilizers, soil additives,
defoliants and other substances used to produce
conventional cotton wreaks serious havoc on soil,
water, and air.
These chemicals drift into neighboring communities,
posing long-term health threats to people and animals.
They also indirectly enter the human food chain through cottonseed in livestock feed, contaminating meat and
dairy products. (Cottonseed oil is also used in many processed food products.) The problems with clothing
production do not stop in the field.
During the conversion of conventional cotton into clothing, numerous toxic chemicals are added at each
stage-silicone waxes, harsh petroleum scours, softeners, brighteners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants,
ammonia and formaldehyde.
Organic cotton is cotton that is grown from healthy soil without chemical fertilizers or pesticides more than
3 years. Organic fertilizer(livestock's waste) is used instead of chemical fertilizer and natural enemy(beetles) is
used instead of agricultural chemical. Conventionally defoliant or herbicide is used for dropping leaves to
harvest cottons, but organic color cottons are harvested manually without machine after all leaves are dropped
naturally. Yarn is made with such cottons and it is used for weaving fabrics. For cotton's own color is used for
this product without any dyeing, it is ECO-friendly product only processed of enzyme refining.
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