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The fiber which size is 0.5 denier (denier, unit of
measurement of linear mass-density of textile fiber
calculated as one gram per 9000 meters) or less is
called micro-fiber. Normally such micro fiber is 1/100 of
human hair(1 micrometer=1/1,000,000m) and as a fine
super microfiber, it is futuristic new material which
diameter is less than 0.012mm
The ascending height of ink has been measured dipping microfiber and cotton which has similar weight and
tissue in inked water. The result showed that the absorptivity of microfiber was significantly higher and the
height difference is also more than two times. Absorbed water volume by time is indicated against to its net
weight. Initial rapid graph slope shows high momentary absorptivity, 10 seconds later the slow graph slope i
ndicates the maximum absorptivity, which is more than two times than cotton as well.

1. Drainage and absorptivity
It absorbs large amount of water momentary by capillary phenomenon of fine cavities in fiber. Also its drainage
capability is outstanding; when towel is squeezed containing water moves to fiber surface through narrow slits
inside rapidly so as to radiate and dry out them within short time
2. Washability
As because of the fine size of super microfiber it can break dirt finely so as to dissolve, and when water is
squeezed out firmly its washability of contamination increases double.
3. Easy wash
Boiling cotton product is inconvenient for removing dirt, while microfiber just requires soft rubbing with solid
detergent, or just washing after dipping in powder detergent can remove contamination easily. In such case, it
is recommended not to use any finishing agent such as softener because it deteriorates absorptivity by the oil
4. Brilliance
After washing it dries rapidly without any stain or imprints so as to last brilliance. It can be used without water,
also sanitary wash is available without any flaw on surface removing dirt and hairs and providing brilliance
Bamboo fiber is produced by extracting cellulose from bamboo and wet spinning by VISCOSE method and then
soft product alike silk can be fabricated through weaving, fabrication and dying process.
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