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The soybean fiber is produced through the process of combining and coagulating the protein extracted from the
soybean cake made after the oil is extracted by pressing the soybeans. The thread, created by spinning this
cotton, is used for weaving and dyeing.
1. Eco-friendliness: Soybean fiber is so-called a green fiber as a 21st century eco-friendly healthy fiber,
because of no pollution is generated during its production process.
2. Warmth retentivity: The protein fiber extracted from soybeans holds the neutral element not irritating to the skin
and releases large amounts of infrared radiation, and it is superior to cotton in its warmth retentivity by 20%.
3. Ventilation and dehumidification: It has the superior ventilation and dehumidification features than cotton and
other chemical fibers. As it evaporates the absorbed moisture quickly, its function of suppressing allergies,
colon bacillus, staphylococcus, is excellent.
4. The soybean fiber is light like cashmere fibers and soft, but free from static.
5. The amino acids(Tocopherol, Isoflavon, Saponin etc.) are contained in soybeans and they are good to avoid
aging skin along with UV protection function.
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