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Transcribed towel is a method to maximize advertizing and P.R. effect. The method is inserting filing which is
conjugated yarn of polyester and nylon into the cotton fabric towel which has good water absorptivity on the
area of file layer of color printing image to be printed, so as to increase water absorptivity and enable printing
on the color printing image area
Natural dyeing produces natural impression of color as if viewing nature, it provides calm mood without eye
strain. Also the natural dyeing is ECO-friendly and nature friendly process which accommodates the natural
circulation principal from nature to nature.
General screen printing
Well known silk screen-print. Any logo and
numbers of color are acceptable upon customer
order. Advantage of this print type is relatively low
cost and short process time.
Weaving on order(Jacquard printing)
A printing type for printing desired text in the towel
in weaving process.
Embroidery printing
Image is embroidered by yarn one by one. This method improves towel appearance, and customer order for text,
numbers of letter and size are acceptable.
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